15 Aside Rugby

  Women ages 16, 17 and 18 compete at this age level. The game is played according to Junior laws.

  Rugby Clubs have competed in this age level since the inception of Women playing Rugby and has always been run by the NRU.

  In order to make this level competitive for all clubs and their players, 2 divisions will be created, Gold for the stronger teams, and Green for clubs with lower registrations. The Gold Division is the top level and demands 15 players per team for each game. The Green Division is put together to aid teams attempting to get the program going. They play according to numbers and schedule 3 teams per event in hopes of getting at least a 12 aside game played, or a mini tournament type venture with either 7 aside or 10 aside events.

*** Note: If you enter a team in the Gold Division in the current season, you are expected to play all games, any defaults puts them in the Green Division the following season.

If you have an interest in starting Rugby at this level, please feel free to contact Al Prior, al.prior@granderie.ca.


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