Betting on Rugby

Guide for Betting on Rugby

Rugby has become one of the most popular sports for betting recently, so you need to focus on a few things to learn how to bet and place the rugby betting odds. The question is what is the important thing to know before starting a rugby betting?

In the text below, we will provide you some important things that you should know before you decide to bet.

betting on rugby

Rugby League vs. Rugby Union

The difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League is one of the most important things that you need to learn before placing your bets. Instead of placing the bet in the League, you can make a mistake and play the union. You do not want to put your money on the wrong game, don’t you? The differences between these two games consist of:

  • The number of players is different in the league

  • There are no “mauls” and “rucks” in Rugby League

  • In the Rugby Union the field goal is worth three points but one in Rugby League.

Rugby betting odds

If you want your rugby betting to be successful, you need to learn the rugby betting odds. When you want to bet on any sport, understanding the betting odds is one of the crucial things for placing a proper bet. You can find the odds for rugby betting such as Moneyline odds, Decimal odds and Fractional odds. After you find the rugby betting odds, you can calculate the real money you get from it.

Rugby betting types

When talking about the betting types, rugby consists of some betting types that are important to choose what you should place. There are many different rugby betting types and tips which we provide you below:

  • Final results.With this type of betting, you predict which one of the teams will win the match. There is always one favored team, so you can check the rugby betting odds and calculate your profit.
  • Accumulators. This bet means that the profit from the first bet is added with original stakes to the second one. So, a name five-fold is given to a five-bet accumulator and when you have more than five bets, that is called permutation.
  • Half time/Full time. A half- time bet is when you want to play the team that will lead in the first half. A half-time/full-time bet is a combination where you can play which one of the teams will lead in half time and win at the end of the match. By placing this bet, you can make a combination of both teams or put the same team on both halves. So, it is different from a half-time bet.
  • Handicap. This bet is specially made as a great opportunity for winning more money. A handicap bet means when one of the teams has great chances of winning a game. Many players consider this betting as the most existing. Lines betting are also a way to place bets but available just when there are two possible outcomes.
  • Try Scorer. You can place a bet on the player that you think will score the most goals predicted in the match. Also, this bet gives opportunity such as placing your bet on the player that you think will be the first goalscorer in the game.

Live Betting

Players consider online betting as a good option for casino bonuses that every online site has. Most of the people while watching the favorite rugby match use a live betting that is a very common thing nowadays.

Welcome bonuses

As an online casino site, we provide you an excellent rugby betting odds and offers that allow you to deposit free real money for betting on the site. We offer you welcome, reload, and loyalty free bonuses that allow you to bet on our site with the money that we provide you. By using these offers, you can make a big difference in your profit.

The other promotions offer the following:

  1. Reload Bonuses are a great method to top up an account. Typically a reload bonus functions as a match deposit deal. However, with a smaller match percentage than a welcome bonus.
  2. Free Bets is an attractive deal often offered as a part of a welcome package. Some betting sites offer it as a recurring promo, and you can find similar offers in the expert rated reviews at Top10Casinos. It functions as insurance, guaranteeing your stake for a specific bet will not be lost if the prediction does not pan out.
  3. Cashback is usually encountered as part of a VIP program, and it returns a specific percentage of recent losses on the betting site.

As a rugby league fan, you will have the opportunity to bet on our site and make your profit double. Our casino bonuses and other special offers are big attractions so do not wait to be just our potential visitor, but try our features and be our loyal player.

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