Brantford Harlequins 10 Aside Tournament

The Harlequins are hosting a 10 Aside Tournament on Saturday April 29, 2018, click here for more information

NRU Summer Games Team Tryouts

The NRU will be selecting 24 boys and 24 girls to make up our four 7s teams for the Summer Games. We are looking for strong, fast, athletic players who can become solid 7s athletes... Players do not require any 7s experience, we will teach them what they need to know. You as club coaches will know which athletes to invite, so please feel free to invite your most athletic players; players must be born between 2001-2003.

For more information on Tryout's click here.

Rugby is a very common sport in the British Isles countries (England and Ireland) and in the Oceania area that used to be British colonies. In addition to these countries, rugby is quite widespread worldwide. Africa is also fond of English colonies, in countries like South Africa, it is quite popular. America has influenced practically only in Argentina. In Europe, besides Ireland and England, rugby is also popular in Italy. Rugby has a number of competitions including the World Cup and the Six Nations tournament, in which England, Ireland, Wales, Italy, Scotland and France compete. Continue reading and find out something more about Niagara Rugby Club’s players and their training program.

Rugby Training Program

If you are looking for a rugby training guide, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Here, in this guide, we will focus on how one should train in a gym to improve his rugby performance on the field. Most of the players are training like bodybuilders, but that’s not good, because you may get injured or hurt, and it can be damaging and disadvantageous to your performance.

Being strong is important. Being healthy means strength, and it reduces the risk of injury. Training for strength will boost your muscle size, which is not exactly the primary goal. To be a successful rugby player, you need to be fit. There is no need for training like a bodybuilder and running like a marathon runner. Therefore, this program features year-round specific weight training tips that guarantee for player’s performance improvement.

Even if you are not a professional player, it is good to follow instructions from experts. There are also many rugby fans, that may not be able to train, but they enjoy the sport in some other way. Not all of us are talented and athletic enough to play rugby, however watching it and maybe betting on the game is the only choice we have to be involved in the sport. Many online casino sites offer sports betting tips, so rugby fans can place successful wagers on matches, and make more real money. As being a relatively complex sport; watching and placing bets on it can be really challenging.

Rugby Union Competitions

Rugby Union is a popular sport around the world played by male, but also female players of any age. Rugby is divided in Rugby Union and Rugby League, there are many similarities, but also there are enough differences between them, so they are considered as two different disciplines. They have different origins and different rules. The bookmarkers of rugby are even split into these two categories. Many people see tennis, football, and horse racing as the main sports on which to bet, but with right betting strategies, rugby can provide you far more excitement, and of course, you will have the chance to win real money. If you are new at sports betting, some research is all you need to do, and try to understand the rules of every rugby competition. Here you have the major international rugby competitions, where you can place your bets via online casino sites.

- Rugby World Cup

- Regional Tournaments

- Women’s international rugby

Rugby is also part of different multi-sport events such as the Summer Olympics. In 1924, the rugby union participated at the Summer Olympic Games, held in Paris, where the USA beat France and won the gold. It was the last rugby match played at the Olympics until 2016, when rugby sevens were introduced. If you want to learn more about all rugby competitions, NRU Rugby Club offers you all the latest rugby world cup fixtures, live scores and match results you may need.

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