U14 Boys

15 Aside Rugby

Boys ages 13 and 14 compete at this age level. The game is played according to Junior laws, only one amendment, no lifting in the lineouts.

Rugby Clubs running this program compete in a League run by the ORU. This level is still only a couple years old and not to many clubs are competing at this level.

In order to make this level competitive for all clubs and their players, 2 divisions were created for competition. Blue Division is the top level and demands 15 players per team. The Red Division is put together to aid teams attempting to get the program going. They play according to numbers and schedule 3 teams per event in hopes of getting at least a 12 aside game played.

Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton, Highland, Stoney Creek had teams playing at this level. Brantford has produced a team at this level since 2008, Burlington Hamilton and Stoney Creek have joined forces to play a full 15 aside game. Highland had a team in 2010.

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