Fall 7’s Series

Only registered players are eligible for these events. It is meant for Rugby Clubs to offer more for registered players.

In 2012 the NRU opted to run a series of 4 Seven Aside Tournaments in order to allow Clubs to offer there Junior players more Rugby than just the summer months. Only registered players are eligible for these events, unless a club elects to elects to sanction the tournament and invite Highschools or teams from out of the province.

On each of the events, we will be offering divisions for U14 Boys, U15 Girls, U16 Boys, U18 Girls, and U18 Boys. If there are not enough teams in the division, only that particular division will not be run.

When events are held at parks that have 3 or more pitches, we will start with a maximum of 6 teams per division. With venues that only have access to 2 fields, 3 divisions will have 6 teams allowed, and 2 divisions will have only 4 teams.

Teams entering any event must attend with a full squad. If there is a cancellation after the schedule has been made, that team will not be allowed in any of the following events.

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